Supplementary blog task.

Firstly, we had to read this short article titled ‘When did you last change your mind?’:

Thinking back to when my coaching career started all the way back in high school, I started to think about what decisions I have made through the journey and which have effected me and my coaching ways. Through high school, my knowledge of being a coach was minimal this effected the participants because I didn’t know too much about different ways you could coach. For example I used the traditional ways of coaching such as:

Traditional method

  • Warm up – run around the pitch a couple of times until your warm
  • Dynamic and static stretches
  • Running drills with the ball – in and out of cones. (Boring and old fashioned)
  • More drills with progressions.
  • 10 minute game which coaches don’t relate back to drills ect.

The transition from high school to University is massive and it allows you to gain more knowledge about different areas of the sporting world. One area which helped me and my coaching methods is the games based approach. This one change stands out to me this is because it has changed my coaching philosophy. This changed happened because I realized how much more it benefits the participants. Through the game based approach they can take more out of the session and everything relates back to a something which has happened on a match day. This approach is good for me now because I am currently coaching at my old school so I am seeing the differences and how much they prefer this approach to my coaching sessions. Due to me playing football on a regular basis I train once a week and the coaching staff are old and use the traditional methods. I now know the difference between the traditional method and the games based approach and this was another factor which effected me and my decisions on how I coach my sessions.

The games approach is taught using a four-step process:

  1. Play a modified game.
  2. Help the players discover what they need to do in order to play the game successfully.
  3. Teach the skills of the game.
  4. Practice the skills in another game.

One thought on “Supplementary blog task.

  1. Nice insight into your coaching approach, Jordan. It would be good to see you try and incorporate some literature/references to theory in posts like this. For example, is there any research out there that backs up your claim that games based approaches benefit the participants more? In what ways is it better? How? Why? This will help you to evidence a real critical understanding of the issues you introduce in your posts.


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