Try get out of this!

This is a blog-image challenge. I am going to relate the picture chosen to coaching perspective. I have chosen the picture below because I think it’s relevant to me as a coach and what I represent.

When looking at this picture, I thought what words spring to mind. I have taken out of the concept that they are world class players. The first two words which came to my mind was confidence and self belief. The reason for this is because they know their own ability and believe in themselves to come out succeeding wherever they go or what situation they find themselves in. Taking this out of a footballing environment and applying confidence to a coaching background If you as a coach are not confident around your participants then you won’t get the full potential of the session that they are trying to put in place. As a coach you have to believe in what you are doing is going to work. If you don’t believe in yourself then this could bring all kinds of problems to yourself and the participants. It could include loss of participants from putting bad coaching sessions on. You are more likely to be successful as a coach if you self believe, that includes people around you such as your participants and other coaches.

Ezeanu, E. (2011) “It is said that having clear goals helps you to notice those elements around you that can assist you in reaching them. Because the clarity of your goals gives meaning to those elements. And then if you make use of those elements, you will reach your goals.”

Following on from the above, another word that came to mind was Determination. This word in my opinion is the value of success. If you are determined to do something then there is nothing stopping you. The human, can do so many things but we just don’t try or are too scared. Yes it could take time but if you want it then you will get it in the end. A coaches determination in a elite environment is a huge factor on their team. Elite level coaches are determined and inspired by wining trophies. This shouldn’t be the case at a young age but it seems to be turning out that way! Some folk might say why do coaches have to be determined if they are coaching participants at the age of 5? Coaches should give there everything into every coaching session they do. They must ensure that the participants take something out of it whether that be learning something new or a different technique or even if its they just tell there parents they enjoyed it. A coaches determination is a teams happiness.

Selfdetermination theory (SDT) is a macro theory of human motivation and personality that concerns people’s inherent growth tendencies and innate psychological needs.
I would question this theory because I think there are more factors which contribute to the end product. One factor it states is personality. The words two faced comes to mind so is someone’s personality how they are going to always act and they could change in a split second. You have seen professional managers storm out of press conferences. But then does this effect there determination on a match day?
One final word which the picture represents is togetherness this represents everyone within a club whether it be a football club or any other club. It is important as a coach to have the respect of all your participants, this allows you to have a good relationship with them. If i relate togetherness with myself and the club I coach. Me and all the other coaches who represent the club have a bond with all the players we are not just there coaches we are there friends. One major factor which togetherness represents is we win together and we lose together. I always question do professional footballers take the blame for a loss? Or are they two narrow minded and blame it on others. Coaches at grass roots level just need to live and let be what has happened on a match day has gone what is going to happen on the next match day you can do something about.

Reference List

Ezeanu, E. (no date) Why self-belief is essential and how to develop it. Available at: (Accessed: 11 February 2016).



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