Good Coach? Bad Coach?

So one of our task was to watch a video and analyse it , the video is 2 coaches at a youth basketball game and the scores are very close and it’s very interesting to see how both coaches go about coaching there teams to try and win the match. They are only coaching the teams for the final quarter. Coach Summer is a strength and conditioning coach so this reflects in her team talk to her team. The other coach is Kash, he coaches minor league baseball his experience shines through and reflects on the team.

Coach Summer

So within the first few seconds of the video coach summers style of comes across very domineering which could come across nasty because the children playing are very young. Pointing in little kids faces is a massive no/no this is exactly why some children stop playing sports. Coach summers is using both verbal and non-verbal communication with her players but in an aggressive manner, this could work for some players who like to prove there managers wrong but other players could get scared and not perform to their maximum ability. One of the many negatives of coach Summers team talk is her bad language towards the children, at the level they are coaching this is totally un-acceptable and the participants could think this is the right way to talk to people in the normal lives and towards each other on the court. Summer has clear instructions in her team talk but the instructions are very negative and could effect players confidence Summer said “You pass it to him because you can’t shoot” This is very negative towards the players and it could turn you against the coach, especially at the age the children are. The players don’t respect Summer as they are answering her back when she is trying to shout out instructions to the team. It is vitally important for everyone to respect each other within a sporting environment because that’s how you win games. Coaches, athletes, and their parents must always treat the players, referees, opposing players and their fans with respect, courtesy, and consideration. This means avoiding and preventing put-downs, name calling, insults, or other verbal or non-verbal conduct. Coach Summer gives positive energy to the opposition because they will thrive of the opposition being shouted at.  When the 4th quarter starts again all you can here is coach summer shouting from the sidelines this obviously has a negative impact on the participants because they end up losing the game.  During the final time out the body language of the Summer coach and her team is so negative. The participants looked scared and they should be enjoying the game because there children and they should only play for enjoyment at the age they are. “Enjoyment has been recognized as a key factor for motivated behavior and sustainedinvolvement in youth sport (Kimmel,&Smith, 2001).”

What makes a bad coach of children?
Does coach summer represent all of these?

Coach Kash

Due to Coach Kash appearance he could look very domineering and scary towards the participants involved in the match being played. His role is a Coaching a Minor baseball team and his experience shows throughout the video.

When the team comes in for the team talk he is full of praise, this gives the players confidence that they are doing well and they can win the game. The coach has got all the players respect because he is talking to them how he would like to be talked to. When Kash is giving out instructions he is doing it in a correct manner and has got all the players attention he is not pointing fingers at players and getting in there faces like coach summer does with her team. One massive positive which will get every children going is Coach Kash relates to professional elite teams and how they win games, this gives children motivation to go be like these elite players and want to win games. This is very clever from Kash as he is motivating them in a total different way to what coach summer does. The instructions given to the team are very clear one instruction Kash gives to a player is to try “eat up time” this is giving them goals and objectives to win the game. His communication skills are very good he used mostly verbal communication and talks to the participants in a respectable manner. During the time out there is nothing but positive energy in and around the team he praises them for their defense and advises them on there shooting. Coach Kash isn’t as active on the sidelines as coach summer but because he has got all his instructions out before hand and this obviously pays off as they win the game.

What makes a good coach of children?



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