Too much pressure?

As coaches, managers and spectators are we putting too much pressure on young up coming talent? I have decided to blog about this because I think Jesse Lingard getting called up to the England national team only having played 2 games for Manchester United this season will be too much pressure for him and as a nation we will put massive amounts of pressure on him. Also I am going to include where does the pressure start and how it continues into elite level.

When do we start putting pressure on players? I think pressure is built up from academies with coaches putting massive amounts of pressure on young talent, and not allowing them to gain life skills and enjoy young teenage life as they don’t allow them to play football with their friends because academies are scared they are going to get injured. This would be mentally draining for young players because all I wanted to do was play football with my mates when I was younger and I’m sure they/were are the same. So the pressure is already building because, if these young players are being told they are not allowed to play with their friends they are automatically thinking they are going to be a professional so they put pressure on themselves there parents put pressure on them and even other family members or friends put pressure on them.

“Dr Andrew Hill, lecturer in sports and exercise science in the University of Leeds’ School of Biomedical Sciences, said some youngsters in professional football academies are showing signs of chronic stress, exhaustion, and disillusion with their sport at a young age. ” Is this why we are not producing the next best player who is going to have a value of £100 million? Who is going to have the capability to win a world cup on his own? 

Now what happens when we produce young talent? We throw them into the deep end because they have had a good bit of form. The management skills of our country is ludicrous, why don’t we allow players to develop and find themselves within the game through their rep-respected club and let them build there experience internationally through the ranks e.g under 21’s. The example I have used is Jesse Lingard, he has been called up to the England squad to play France. He has been playing with the under 21’s on and off but he is very young and lacks experience at club level having only played two games for Manchester United this season. Jesse has bags of talent and could be a future star on a international scale for both club and country. He will receive various amounts of pressure of the media this could effect his performances in a positive or negative way depending on how he deals with the pressure. Louis van Gaal watched Jesse Lingard score his first Manchester United goal — and then warned Roy Hodgson: don’t even think about picking him for England.”  This is his club manager trying to protect Jesse Lingard because he knows that he isn’t ready for the international level. 

In my opinion I think players football clubs should have the final say in whether they should allow there players to go play international games. They know how they are going to deal with the pressure of playing for your country and if they are ready for all the attention they are going to get. I think our management skills has to change and how we are managing young players from academias all the way to elite level. This will allow more breads of young players to come through our academias and produce more players to help us win a world cup or a European championship.

Thanks for reading. Please leave me some feedback.


Hill, A. (2013) Young footballers show signs of burnout. Available at: (Accessed: 17 November 2015).


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