What is reflection and why is it important?

Reflection can be argued to define different meanings on what reflection actually is. People review the meaning of reflection in different ways. One way which people define reflection as is looking at your own reflection in the mirror. How I define reflection is reflecting back on your past whether that be your achievements, failures and other experiences which you could reflect back on and tell others about.

Reflection within sport is very important it could mean the difference between winning and losing. When reflecting back on your performance whether you are a team or a individual athlete you learn how you can improve. Reflection as a coach is vitally important as the coach will be taking the sessions and you will need to reflect on your sessions and coaching skills to see if you can improve on anything to make your coaching techniques strengthen. 

It is a form of problem solving that is used to resolve coaching issues, and involves the careful consideration of a coaches practice, based on their knowledge and beliefs (Hatton & Smith,1995). Solving issues within your coaching methods if they are not working are important to you and the participants as you will both come out with rewards whether that being enhanced performances or just the participants enjoying the coachinh session more.


Hatton, N., & Smith, D. (1995). Reflection in teacher education: Towards definition and implementation. Teaching and Teacher Education, 11(1), 33-49.


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