Creativity in sport.

The question I always ask myself after I have completed a coaching session with any age group. Was that good enough and was that challenging for them and how can I improve on this for the week after? As coaches, are we putting enough creativity into sessions for younger children? Creativity should be developed from a … More Creativity in sport.

Try get out of this!

This is a blog-image challenge. I am going to relate the picture chosen to coaching perspective. I have chosen the picture below because I think it’s relevant to me as a coach and what I represent. When looking at this picture, I thought what words spring to mind. I have taken out of the concept that they … More Try get out of this!

Too much pressure?

As coaches, managers and spectators are we putting too much pressure on young up coming talent? I have decided to blog about this because I think Jesse Lingard getting called up to the England national team only having played 2 games for Manchester United this season will be too much pressure for him and as … More Too much pressure?

What is reflection and why is it important?

Reflection can be argued to define different meanings on what reflection actually is. People review the meaning of reflection in different ways. One way which people define reflection as is looking at your own reflection in the mirror. How I define reflection is reflecting back on your past whether that be your achievements, failures and … More What is reflection and why is it important?